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Make your own cardboard disk pompom maker

A traditional way to make your own pompom maker involves cutting circles out of card and making a hole in the middle. Sometimes instead of using card we use the flat plastic from a milk bottle before it is recycled. Follow the instructions below to learn how to make your own pompoms with this method which takes about 15 minutes.

If you are looking to make lots of pompoms quickly consider investing in a plastic pompom maker that comes apart across its diameter.

You will need:

Step 1: Make your disks

Draw a circle about the size you want your pompom to be on your card or material of choice and another one inside in the middle. This second one should measure about 40% of the first ones diameter. You will need two of these shapes so repeat this step.

If you need help with cutting please ask an appropriate adult to help you. Cut out the big circles and then the smaller one from inside each. We prefer to use scissors for the bigger circles and switch to a craft knife for the middle if they are tricky to get scissors into.

You should now have something that looks like this;

Pompom maker disks

Pompom maker:

Your pompom making disks should look like this.

Step 2: Wind your wool

Now it is time to wind your wool around the disks you have made. Start by putting both rings together so it looks like one disk and with a piece of yard about 1 to 2 meters long start to wind your yarn around the edge of your disk shape threading it through the middle each time. Keep your finger or thumb on the starting end to stop it unwinding as you go. You may be able to tuck the stray end into your first wind to hold it in place as you get more pompom making practice.

You should now have something that looks like this.

Starting to wind your wool

Starting off your pompom maker:

Start winding your wool like this.

Now is the time to relax and keep winding until you can wind no more because your disk are full or you run out of wool. If you run out of wool and would still be able to add more winds then take another piece of thread and start it off the same way you did with the first one. Try and wind over the end of the last thread end to hold it in place as you go.

When you are finished winding your pompom it should look something like this;

Your fully wound pompom should look something like this.

Filling your pompom maker:

Your fully wound pompom should look something like this.

Step 3: Set your pompom free

Well done getting this far. You are now ready for the best bit, setting your pompom free by cutting it open!

Take hold of pompom disk which is now smothered with winds of wool. At the outside edge tease some of the wool apart so you can see a little bit of the disk inside. It can be a little fiddly but you are trying to place the blade of your scissors in between the two original disks you started with.

Your pompom should now look something like this;

Set your pompom free

Cutting your pompom maker open:

Your scissors should be ready to cut the wool at the outer edge of the pompom like this.

Now cut around your pompom keeping one blade of your scissors inside and between the disks you made in Step 1. You are only cutting the wool that goes over outside edge.

When you have cut all the way around the edge you should have something that looks like this;

It is beginning to look more like a pompom!

You pompom is nearly made:

It is beginning to look more like a pompom!

Step 4: Tie it all together

Now you need a piece of wool that will tie it all together. If you want to be able to tie your pompom to something use a long piece of wool. If you don't need to tie it to something and just want a fun pompom then choose some wool that is about twice the width of your pompom.

Thread the wool between the disks you made in Step 1, wrap it all the way around the middle and tie a firm knot. A double knot is good enough.

Your pompom should look something like this when you are ready to tie it all together;

Tying it all together

Knot your pompom maker:

Tying it all together like this.

Step 5: Remove the inner disks.

If you want to make more pompoms try and pull off each of the inside disks one at a time. If it is too tight you may have to tare them off and make new disk for next time.

Removing the disks should look like this;

Tying it all together

Remove your pompom maker disks:

Slide off the disks one at a time like this.

Step 6: A quick tidy up and your pompom is done!

Feel free to trim any uneven wool with your scissors for a nice neat tidy pompom.

If all went well you should have a brilliant pompom and be smiling from ear to ear!


Your pompom is complete:


Other ways to make pompoms

For a quicker way to make pompoms you can use Plastic pompom makers that come in configurations that allow them to split along their diameter. Their design is intended to make them much faster and easier to wind of your yarn over and with their reusability are great if you want to make lots of pompoms.

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