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Plastic Pompom Makers

If you are planning on making lots of pompoms our favourite way to make them is with a plastic pompom maker that is designed to come apart across its diameter. They are and advantage over disk pompom makers that don't come apart in this way because they offer a very fast way to make lots of pompoms quickly and are reusable. They often come in sets for making different sizes of pompom and are designed to let you wind half of your pompom at a time and then assemble them together when both halves have been fully wound in wool. This is a big advantage because you avoid having to use small lengths of wool and always having to thread your wool through the middle hole of traditional cardboard disk pompom maker.

Follow the instructions below to learn how we make our own pompoms with this method which takes about 10 minutes.

You will need:

Step 1: Assemble your pompom maker

There are a few different plastic pompom maker designs but they often come in pieces that fit together easily and unclip in the middle. While your plastic pompom maker may vary the instructions and notes here should help you get the most out of your pompom maker. You can see in the picture below that our pompom maker comes in two pieces and have a hinge in the middle.

plastic pompom maker

Pompom Maker

Our pompom maker looks like this

To assemble the so they are ready to make a pompom they need to be aligned together. In this case using the three raised bumps and holes to align them is easy. The raised bumps on one piece line up with the holes in the other. Your pompom maker may not clip together and may be a little wobbly but when you start winding your yarn it should become more secure.

The pompom maker we are using looks like this when it is assembled and ready to go.

plastic pompom maker assembled

Pompom Maker

Now it is assembled we are ready to add our yarn

Step 2: Start winding your wool

Choose one half of your pompom maker and take the end of your yarn and gently wind it round the pompom maker. As you start winding your yarn will hold your pompom maker together. The more yarn you can wind at this stage to fill up the middle the better and richer you pompom will be.

adding pompom yarn

Pompom Maker

Starting off by adding yarn to the first side of your pompom maker.

As you get more confident you can wind your yarn faster and faster and before you know it one half of your pompom maker will be completely full. You can tell when to stop when the arch in the middle is completely filled. Cut your yarn when it is full and you will be ready to do the same on the other half of your pompom maker.

Keep going until your pompom maker looks something like this:

You can see our pompom maker is pretty full and we have clipped it together to make a circle ready for the next step.

pompom maker full of yarn

Pompom Maker

Fill up you pompom maker with as much yarn as you can.

Step 3: Cut your pompom maker open

Now is the time to get your scissors for cutting the yarn around the outer edges of your pompom maker. To do this try and place one blade of your scissors through the yarn on the outer edges of your pompom maker so it goes between the two pieces of pompom maker you assembled in step 1. Now gently snip around the edges one side at a time.

The tighter and thicker you have wound your yarn the sharper the scissors you will need. Keep cutting until you have gone all the way around.

cutting open your pompom maker

Pompom Maker

Cutting around the edges of the pompom maker between both halves we assembled in Step 1

Step 4: Tying your pompom together

To tie your pompom together wrap a piece of yarn to that it goes through the middle of the plastic pompom maker and all the way around the core of your pompom.

You can see here that we have wrapped our green yarn inside the pompom maker and around the core of our pompom.

Now tie a tight knot. We usually do a double knot at this stage.

tying your pompom together

Pompom Maker

Tie some yarn around the core of your pompom

Step 5: Set your pompom free!

Now we reverse the steps we took in Step 1 and unclip the pompom maker and disassemble it. Take care and your pompom maker should open right up and let you ease out your fresh new pompom!

Usually out pops a perfect pompom however if you have any loose or uneven threads of yarn you can use your scissors for a quick tidy-up.

Congratulations and happy pompom making!

Your pompom is ready!

Pompom Maker

Your pompom is ready!

Are pompom makers any good?

Now you have tried using a plastic pompom maker and have got a taste for making good quality pompoms quickly we are sure you agree there is no going back to any other method. Pompom makers are great!

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