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We love making pompoms and want to share our best tips and techniques with you to help you get the best results and make the best pompoms you can. We have learned through trial and error so you don't have to! Follow the instructions and hot tips below which might only take about 5 minutes and learn how we add some magic to your pompom making.

You will need:

Choose the right equipment

If you are making your first pompom or only want to make one or two pompoms then consider making your own pompom maker our of card. It is a great way to get up and running quickly on your pompom making journey. If however you dont want to spend the time cutting our templates for making your own pompom maker and want to get straight to it, or want to make lots of good pompoms quickly consider buying a set of Plastic pompom makers that split across their diameter - these pompom makers can save you a lot of time and give you great results.

How to make really rich, dense and full pompoms

To give your pompoms a luxurious look and feel try to maximise the amount of wool you use in your pompom maker and use chunky wool. A simple technique of winding the wool a little bit tighter will leave more room for more winds of wool and squeeze out a lot of the unwanted air-gaps. Maintaining a little more tension and keeping it consistent is key here and we find it is easier to do using a shop bought plastic pompom maker. Remember, the more wool you can wind the thicker and richer your pompom will look. Make sure you keep going until your pompom maker is completely full.

To make sure our cardboard disk pompoms are completely full we use a small hook or bent paper-clip to help pull they yarn through the middle as the hole gets too small for your fingers. Being able to do a few extra winds of wool can really make a difference to the quality of your pompom.

Making really rich, dense and full pompoms

Filling up a cardboard disk pompom maker:

Using a small hook to do the last few winds of yarn.

Making really rich, dense and full pompoms

See the difference a fully wound pompom makes:

Compare the full rich pink pompom using these techniques (left) to a looser rainbow pompom (right).

Two ways to speed up your pompom making

No matter what pompom maker you use we find winding more than one thread of wool at a time makes a huge difference. Try using two lengths of thread and see how you get on. If you find that ease try three or even four and you will find your pompom making speed really start flying!

Purpose made Plastic pompom makers that are designed to be split through their diameter allow for a very fast wind speed and can be made from long lengths of wool. If you want to make lots of pompoms quickly these are our go-to pompom maker of choice.

pompom maker disks

Speeding up your pompom maker:

Winding four pieces of yarn at the same time.

How to make super fluffy pompoms

Choosing the right wool/yarn for your pompom is important if you want a super fluffy pompom. Shop for plush fringed wool, cashmere yarn or a more chunky knitting yarn. There is nothing like seeing an touching a ball of yarn to get an idea of how your pompom will look and feel.


Knitting yarn comes in all sorts of colour and effects. Experiment with Multi-coloured and rainbow knitting yarns for great effects. Some yarns include glittery threads to add a little sparkle.

For the adventurous change the colour you are using as you fill your pompom. Experiment with ten winds of one colour, then then of another and then repeat alternating between the two. You can get some great Multi-coloured effects. Winding each quarter of your pompom maker with different colours can give a really striking effect.

Rainbow pompom

Making a rainbow pompom:

Using Multi-coloured knitting yarn.

Pompom animals

As your pompom making journey advances how about making pompom animals! You can always trim your pompom to new and exciting shapes to help you and adding boggly eyes to a pompom is sure to bring it alive! Set your imagination free and the possibilities are endless!

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